Weapons Plutonium Disposition

Technical Analysis and Commentary

(In reverse chronological order)

Reducing plutonium storage risks in light of September 11, 2001
IEER op-ed (October 2001)

Letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on proposed MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility
Joint letter to the chairman of the NRC from IEER and the Nuclear Control Institute regarding the application from Duke Cogema Stone & Webster for authorization to construct a MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility in South Carolina (March 9, 2001)

Science for Democratic Action, vol. 9, no. 3 (February 2001), articles:
"Plutonium End Game: Stop Reprocessing, Start Immobilizing"
"US-Russian Plutonium Disposition Agreement"
"French Report Doubts Merits of Reprocessing and MOX"

Plutonium End Game: Managing Global Stocks of Separated Weapons-Usable Commercial and Surplus Nuclear Weapons Plutonium
IEER report by Arjun Makhijani (January 2001)

Statement by World Nongovernmental Organizations Opposing the Use of Plutonium (MOX) Fuel
Statement of more than 160 organizations worldwide, warning of environmental and nuclear proliferation risks from proposals to reuse plutonium instead of disposing of it as a deadly waste. (September 28, 2000)

Letter to Presidents Putin and Clinton on Plutonium Disposition
(June 2000)

Comments on the Sellafield MOX Plant Consultation
(July 1999)

IEER Comments on the Supplement to the Draft Surplus Plutonium Disposition Environmental Impact Statement
IEER statements to the Department of Energy regarding its proposal to irradiate MOX fuel in U.S. commercial nuclear power plants. (June 1999)

Statement of Non-Governmental Organizations on Plutonium Disposition
Statement of more than 160 organizations and individuals from more than 15 countries worldwide calling on the US and Russian governments to stop MOX disposition programs and pursue sound alternatives. (June 1999)

The Use of Weapons Plutonium as Reactor Fuel
Newsletter: Energy & Security Issue #3. Articles on MOX fuel use in France, Belgium, and Russia; properties and health effects of plutonium; and editorial, "Will Disposition be the Road to a Plutonium Renaissance?" (July 1997)

MOX Fabrication Capability of the Sellafield MOX Plant
Memo on the Capability of the new Sellafield MOX plant in Cumbria, UK to fabricate MOX fuel from weapons plutonium
(March 1997)

Technical Aspects of the Use of Weapons Plutonium as Reactor Fuel
IEER examines the technical aspects of MOX fuel use, including reactor control issues, spent fuel management, economic considerations and more. Includes a link to an interactive map of utilities that have expressed interest in using MOX fuel from surplus weapons plutonium. (February 1997)

Gallium in Weapons-Grade Plutonium and MOX Fuel Fabrication
Guest article from scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory on gallium removal from weapons plutonium. (February 1997)

Nix MOX (IEER editorial)
(February 1997)

What is Plutonium Vitrification?
(February 1997)

IEER Recommendations on Plutonium Management
(September 1996)

Heading Off the Plutonium Peril
IEER's response to the Department of Energy's Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement on the Disposition of Excess Military Plutonium (December 1996)

Fissile Materials in a Glass, Darkly (book)
IEER's report on the technical and policy aspects of the disposition of plutonium and highly enriched uranium. (1995)

What is MOX?

DOE Assesses Dangers from its Plutonium Inventory

Plutonium is a Liability: A Commentary on a National Academy of Sciences Study

Properties of Plutonium Metal

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