Organizational Signatories to Letter to University of California Regents on Fusion Research

1. Mark D. Stansbery, Secretary, Community Organizing Center/For Mother Earth, Columbus, OH
2. Jay Coghlan, LANL Program Director, Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety, Santa Fe, NM
3. Mha Atma S Khalsa, Director, Earth Action Network, Los Angeles, CA
4. Chuck Broscious, Environmental Defense Institute, Troy, ID
5. Jennifer Olaranna Viereck, Coordinator, Healing Global Wounds Alliance, Freedom CA.
6. Alyn Ware, Executive Director, Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy, New York, NY
7. Greg Mello, Ex. Dir., Los Alamos Study Group, Santa Fe, NM
8. Ben Knauss, State Office Manager, Nebraskans for Peace, Omaha, NE
9. Michael Mariotte, Executive Director, Nuclear Information and Resource Service, Washington, DC
10. Ralph Hutchison, Coordinator, Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance, Oak Ridge, TN
11. Doris Berg Smith, PANAL, Panhandle, TX
12. Sonya Ostrom, President, Metro New York Peace Action Council (representing 10 chapters in New York City), New York, NY
13. Beryl Schwartz, Peace Action New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM
14. Vina Colley, PRESS, McDermott, OH
15. Ellen Thomas, Proposition One Committee, Washington DC
16. Robert Kinsey, Peace and Justice Task Force, Rocky Mountain Conference United Church of Christ, Boulder, CO
17. Tom Marshall, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, Boulder, CO
18. Dr. Sheldon Plotkin, Member of the Southern California Federation of Scientists Executive Board, Los Angeles, CA (on behalf of approximately 100 scientists and engineers who are members of the Federation.)
19. Beatrice Brailsford, Program Director, Snake River Alliance, Biose, ID 20. Don Moniak, STAND of Amarillo, Amarillo, TX
21. Marylia Kelley, Tri-Valley CAREs, Livermore, CA
22. Jacqueline Cabasso, Executive Director, Western States Legal Foundation, Oakland CA
23. Felicity Hill, Director, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's United Nations Office, New York, NY

February 16, 1999

Other signatories

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