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Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free:
A Roadmap for U.S. Energy Policy

by Arjun Makhijani, Ph.D.

A Joint Project of the
Nuclear Policy Research Institute
and the
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research

IEER Press and RDR Books, 2007
257 pages, paperback

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Statement of Principles to Achieve a Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free U.S. Energy System by 2050

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Executive Summary [PDF 450 kB]

Executive Summary: Special issue of Science for Democratic Action [PDF 2.43MB] and in our international newsletter, Energy and Security, No. 39, in Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish.

Summary in four pages [PDF 200kB], updated June 2, 2008.

Summary in Slides (January 2008) [PDF 1.7MB] & a May 2009 Slide Presentation [PDF 3.5MB]

More Reports, etc.:

An efficient and fully renewable energy system in the United States by 2050, the Declaration of Arjun Makhijani, in support of the Plaintiff's Climate Change Suit Against Federal Agencies. Read more at: Our Children's Trust.
September 28, 2011

Support for Multiple Legal Challenges to Nuclear Reactor Licensing, the Declaration of Arjun Makhijani. Also read: Friends of the Earth press release.
August 8 and 11, 2011

Counterpoint: It's Time to Close the Chapter on U.S. Nuclear Power, by Christina Mills, in Splashlife
April 1, 2011

Status of Proposed Nuclear Power Projects - January 2011. IEER Fact Sheet (pdf 470 kb)
January 2011

eUtah: A Renewable Energy Roadmap , a report (pdf 8.9 MB) commissioned by HEAL Utah. Also see the eUtah Blue Print Summary (pdf 1.7 MB) and links to the full report split into smaller volumes.
December 14, 2010

Small Modular Reactors: No Solution for the Cost, Safety, and Waste Problems of Nuclear Power. A Fact Sheet from IEER and the Physicians for Social Responsibility.
Arjun Makhijani and Michele Boyd. September 29, 2010

Moving Towards a Renewable Electricity System: Roles of the Smart Grid and Energy Storage, Slides presented to a League of Women Voters of New Jersey Conference.
Arjun Makhijani. April 10, 2010

The Mythology and Messy Reality of Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing. See Report, Press Release, and listen to the streaming audio of the news event.
Arjun Makhijani. April 8, 2010

Matching Utility Loads with Solar and Wind Power in North Carolina: Dealing with Intermittent Electricity Sources
John Blackburn. March 4, 2010

A New Energy Model For Spain: Recommendations for a Sustainable Future or the original Spanish version, Un nuevo modelo energético para España: Recomendaciones para un futuro sostenible
Fundación Ideas para el Progreso. Arjun Makhijani contributed Section 2.2. May 20, 2009

"Nuclear Power and CO2 Emission Reductions: Comments on Radioactive Waste Management and Relative Costs of Options"
Arjun Makhijani's comments in English, which appear in Spanish as Section 2.2 of the full report: Un nuevo modelo energético para España: Recomendaciones para un futuro sostenible. May 20, 2009

Nuclear Costs and Alternatives
Arjun Makhijani and the Sustainable Energy and Economic Development (SEED) Coalition. April 2009

The Technical and Economic Feasibility of a Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free Energy System in the United States
Arjun Makhijani. March 4, 2009

Energy Efficiency Potential: San Antonio's Bright Energy Future
Arjun Makhijani. October 9, 2008

San Antonio Energy Efficiency Potential: Preliminary Assessment (Slide Presentation)
Arjun Makhijani. August 2008

Assessing Nuclear Plant Capital Costs for the Two Proposed NRG Reactors at the South Texas Project Site
Arjun Makhijani. March 24, 2008. Republished with minor corrections September 26, 2008

News, etc.:

Press Releases and Media Advisory: July 2007 | December 2007 | March 2008 | December 2008

What role should government play in energy production? Comments from Arjun Makhijani and others, National Journal Expert Blogs: Energy & Environment.
September 26, 2011

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Is nuclear energy different than other energy sources? Opinions by Arjun Makhijani and others, with continuing additions.
Sept 8 and July 21, 2011

More Bad News for Embattled Nuclear Power Industry: Reactor Proponents are Batting 0-6 in State Legislatures in 2011 . PR Newswire press release
July 6, 2011

Carbon and Nuclear Free in 40 Years?. EnergyNow TV's Tyler Suiters interviewed Arjun Makhijani in Vermont. Part of a longer story: Nation without Nuclear?
March 21, 2011

How does Japan's Crisis Affect America's Nuclear Industry?. Comments from Arjun Makhijani and others, National Journal Expert Blogs: Energy & Environment
March 21, 2011

Nuclear and Coal Have No Place in a Clean Energy Standard. IEER News Event (press release and streaming audio)
January 26, 2011

KTNF AM 950: The Minnesota moratorium on new nuclear reactors. Nancy Nelson interviews Arjun Makhijani in the second half of broadcast (streaming audio)
January 25, 2011

The Diane Rehm Show: Nuclear Power Plant Future. Radio discussion with host Diane Rehm and guests, Matthew Wald, Arjun Makhijani, and Scott Peterson. Includes links to audio and transcript.
November 9, 2010

What Can The U.S. Do To Cut Carbon? Comments about climate and energy measures from Arjun Makhijani and others, National Journal Expert Blogs: Energy & Environment
October 12, 2010

A US nuclear future? Commentary in Nature. Counterpoint view written by J. Doyne Farmer and Arjun Makhijani. (Note: full text of pdf available at research libraries or, after 1 year, at many local libraries. IEER will post Counterpoint text in 6 months.)
September 23, 2010

What Fits The Bill? Comments about climate and energy measures from Arjun Makhijani and others, National Journal Expert Blogs: Energy & Environment
June 21, 2010

Should Yucca Mountain Remain An Option?, Comments from Arjun Makhijani and others, National Journal Expert Blogs: Energy & Environment
March 29, 2009

Nuclear Waste Contract FOIA Results: IEER News Event: U.S. Has Agreed to Store Enough Nuclear Reactor Waste to Fill Two Yucca Mountains ... Or Face Billions of Dollars in New Penalties. Read about and see DOE's contracts to accept high-level radioactive waste for power reactors that are not yet built. Hear Arjun Makhijani, Kevin Kamps, Deborah Katz, and Diane Curran.
March 24, 2010

Testimony in Favor of Minnesota's Moratorium on New Nuclear Reactors, by Arjun Makhijani, delivered by Lisa Ledwidge before a committee of the State Senate
March 2, 2010

Can Obama Re-energize Climate?, Comments from Arjun Makhijani and others, National Journal Expert Blogs: Energy & Environment, January 28, 2010

Do Hacked E-mails Change Climate Debate?, Comments from Arjun Makhijani and others, National Journal Expert Blogs: Energy & Environment, December 7, 2009

Kerry-Boxer: Worth The Wait?, Comments from Arjun Makhijani and others, National Journal Expert Blogs: Energy & Environment, October 13, 2009

Videos: San Antonio Clean Tech Forum Nuclear Panel. Speakers include Bob Rivard, Julian Castro, Steve Bartley, Craig Severance, Patrick Moore, and Arjun Makhijani. Arjun is the last speaker, near minute 50.   Listen also to the Q&A Session.   There is a brief interview with Arjun before the event. (September 16, 2009, midday)

Videos: San Antonio: Nuclear Experts Explain Flaws and Risks of Pursuing More Nuclear Reactors: Part 1 and Part 2. Craig Severance and Arjun Makhijani speak at UTSA campus meeting. (September 16, 2009)

The Progressive Radio Show, Matt Rothschild interviews Arjun Makhijani about a carbon-free and nuclear-free energy future. (Aired week of August 9, 2009)

Video: Arjun Makhijani describes a renewable energy future with special reference to Spain, released with the report: Un nuevo modelo energético para España. English, with Spanish subtitles. (Recorded on May 7, 2009)

Video: Minnesota Legislature: Discussion of nuclear power in a joint meeting of the Legislative Energy Commission, the House Energy Finance and Policy Division, and the Senate Energy, Utilities, Technology and Communications Committee (March 25, 2009) See links for March 25.

Living on Earth: Three Mile Island, 30 Years Ago. Radio interview of Arjun Makhijani, with Bruce Gellerman. (Airing week of March 27, 2009)

DEBATE: Patrick Moore and Arjun Makhijani on the Future of Nuclear Energy, December 10, 2008 at the National Press Club, Washington, DC.
Video - 1 hour | Video in short segments: part 1 of 7, part 2 of 7, part 3 of 7, part 4 of 7, part 5 of 7, part 6 of 7, part 7 of 7.

Audio: Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free , a talk given by Arjun Makhijani at the City Club of Boise Forum (November 19, 2008). Forum Chair: Geoff Baker, Forum moderator: Marcia Franklin

Nuclear isn't necessary, by Arjun Makhijani, Nature Reports Climate Change, v.2 (October 2008), pp.132-134.

Efficiency, renewable energy are much cheaper than nukes, by Carlos Guerra, Columnist, San Antonio Express-News, August 12, 2008.

Energy-efficiency research offers alternative to CPS nuke plant plans, by Anton Caputo, San Antonio Express-News, August 12, 2008.

Tougher Regional Energy Efficiency Goals Proposed: Would save money, reduce the need for more CPS Energy capacity, by Jim Forsyth, News Radio 1200 WOAI San Antonio Texas, August 11, 2008.

Reader's Digest quotes Arjun, and others, in "Quick Study: The Facts on Nuclear Energy," by Lisa Goff, August 2008. See page 2 of 3.

Joy Franklin's article in the Asheville Citizen-Times and interview with Arjun Makhijani, based on a talk given by Arjun in Asheville, North Carolina, and his meeting at the Citizen-Times in early June 2008. See "Breaking the Oil Trap May Be More Realistic Than We Realize," (June 15, 2008) and the transcript: "Can American Be Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free?," posted by Joy Franklin (June 13, 2008) on The Read on WNC.

Debate between Arjun Makhijani and Patrick Moore on the future of nuclear energy and alternative energy sources. Radio broadcast of the KOHO Morning Show, June 4, 2008. Broadcast by KOHO 101.1 FM, in Leavenworth, Washington; moderated by the host, Clint Strand. (30 minutes)

Political Chowder: TV interview: Arjun Makhijani with Arnie Arnesen, the host. June 1, 2008, in New Hampshire. See the last 15 minutes.

Action Point with Cynthia Black: Hour 1 and Hour 2 on 1480 KPHX (Phoenix) radio broadcast, May 18, 2008, with Arjun Makhijani.

The Conversation: KUOW 94.9 Public Radio, in Seattle, radio broadcast, May 13, 2008, with Arjun Makhijani and the host, Ross Reynolds (starting at minute 34, the second half of broadcast)

Arjun Makhijani's Talk at Seattle Town Hall, on April 15, 2008, sponsored by Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Washington State Department of Ecology. Broadcast by Pirate TV on April 21. Read the comments of the producer, Ed Mays.

Dallas Morning News: Nuclear is Not the Right Alternative Energy Source, by Arjun Makhijani. February 26, 2008.

Victoria Advocate (Texas): Choose other renewable sources, by Arjun Makhijani. February 24, 2008.

Deseret News (Utah): Nuclear power, not renewable energy, is risky course for U.S., by Arjun Makhijani. February 10, 2008.

Radio broadcast of a talk by Arjun Makhijani. Talk given at the University of Maine, Orono, on November 8, 2007, and broadcast by WERU 89.9 FM Blue Hill, Maine, on January 1, 2008, with an introduction by Eric T. Olson.

TV interview: Arjun Makhijani with host, David Kraft, Director of the Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS). First broadcast by Chicago's CAN-TV in November 2007. Read NEIS's introduction.


Why Minnesota should maintain its moratorium on new nuclear reactors. Testimony of Arjun Makhijani before a Committee of the Minnesota State Senate (pdf 440 kb)
January 25, 2011

Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future Subcommittee: IEER Comments on Nuclear Waste Storage and related transcripts and videos.
Statement presented by Lisa Ledwidge, in Wiscasset, Maine. August 10, 2010

Managing Spent Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Waste: Interim and Long-Term Considerations (slides) and the Summary of a presentation to the Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future. See also Blue Ribbon Commission meeting transcripts and webcasts.
Arjun Makhijani. May 25, 2010

Statement of Hugh B. Haskell. Regarding the Approval of New Nuclear and Coal-Fired Power Plants in NC, presented at a hearing of the North Carolina Utilities Commission, June 30, 2008. (Docket E-100, Sub 114, concerning electricity planning)


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Also available:
Insurmountable Risks: The Dangers of Using Nuclear Power to Combat Global Climate Change

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